Monday, March 1, 2010

Tales of Conception

Tales of Conception
Written by Timothy Gavin
Drawn by Corban Wilkin, Ryan Fawcett, and Emma Chinnery

Despite the price on the cover, this is a free preview of the comics put out by Popcorn Peacock. According to the information in the back their actual comics are of a much higher quality than this, though I didn’t really have a problem with it (the price might have helped…).

There’re three different comics here. The first one, which is totally cute and by far the best, is about robot raising human babies. “I thought they naturally turned to blue in the winter, that’s why I left it in the snow.” I love robots.

The second comic has nice art, but the story isn’t anything new. I’d say that I’d have liked to see a longer version, but I don’t know if length would have added anything to the story, I guess I really just wanted to see more of the artist (Ryan Fawcett)’s work.

The final story is a time story one that is creepy in a bad way. Ew.

I want more comics about robots.

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