Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sins of the Soil #1

Written by Timothy Gavin
Art by Corban Wilkin

It is the future. The Amazon is an oxygen forest made up of pipes, the Sahara is covered in solar panels, and an angry mob is rioting outside some sort of scientific offices.

This issue screams “set up”, as we’re introduced to a bunch of different characters and...that’s it really. I’m guessing the story will have something to do with genetic engineering (people are trying to save beakers and stuff from the rioters) and making the earth fertile again or something. I mean there is a giant tree on the cover.

The art’s pretty good, and I’m actually going to show two examples because one of them isn’t really representative of the rest of the comic. There’s a one page fable or myth that has super adorable art. Check it out!

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