Monday, March 8, 2010

Art Bureau 12

Art Bureau 12
PO Box 225221 San Francisco, CA
94211 USA

Art Bureau acts as an artist showcase, highlighting the works done by a number of different artists and talking about alternative art spaces.

This issue’s got three different artists, the first Junichi Tsuneoka (who drew the cover) has a neat Japanese graffiti look to his art. However, that’s pretty much all I got out of the work, an “oh, that seems neat.” I’m sure his stuff would look better in colour, but unfortunately in black and white the images seem crowded and nothing seems to pop out from the page.

Feanne, the second artist, is from the Philippines and her work is really rad. It’s all ink pen drawings, with lots of lines. Seemingly a combination of strange plant life and hyper complex spider webs. These I think would look waaaay better in real life on in bigger images on a computer, as I feel the complexity isn’t properly seen in the small size of the images here. However, it’s still cool to actually see her work, and now I can check out her website and show you things like this:

The final artist is Zeptonn, hailing from the Netherlands. His work is very much illustrator style design work, but I think it’s really good. Monsters! Weird robot machines! All he needs is a robot monster and everything (I want) would be complete.

As for the production, while the cover is red ink the interiors are all black and white. I feel the blacks aren’t really dark enough for some of the work here, though that could always just be my copy. Overall though this is a cool little book thing, and it introduced me to some neat artists.

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