Monday, March 22, 2010


By Jiraffe

Hooray! An art/design zine inspired by Star Trek somehow! I will be honest, I couldn’t even read the cover until the guy who made it told me what it said. That H is kind of hard to read.

Anyway, inside there are a number of different pieces that combine collage with text in various ways. The zine was apparently thrown together the night before the zine fest I got it at, and while that shows a little in some places (clearly the creator didn’t check to see how well some things lined up once photocopied), it still has some nice stuff in it.

Sure some of the fonts used look a bit “high school metal band” (are there Star Trek influenced metal bands? I bet there are!), but I don’t know how many metal bands tell people they’ll always be their friend. Actually, probably a lot now that I think about it. Or at least, they’ll always be your friend as long as you don’t listen to false metal. \m/

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