Monday, March 1, 2010

Month Two: status achieved!

Wooooaaaaaaah. Two months down! And I still have a billion zines to review, and I keep getting more. I wonder if I will achieve my goal (of reading all these zines)?

Okay, so what else did I do this month?

Made Oblast #3.5, which was supposed to be a quickie zine collecting all the stuff I wrote for group zines over the last six months, but which took foreeeeever to complete because I had to reformat everything for UK paper size. Also, I should really make an actual cover image for it.

I finished one of the two mix cd booklets (and mix cds) I was hoping to finish. The other is on the backburner for now.

I went to an Alternative Press Fair in London and traded lots of zines with people (I have so far read none of them).

I went to the Brighton Zine Fest, volunteered, traded zines with lots of people, sold a couple (boo, I will trade for anything, I even traded one to a nice Norwegian girl for an orange), traded some mix cds, ran an artist trading card workshop (to which people came! That makes it a billion times better than the one I ran at the Portland Zine Symposium last summer), got drunk and gave a bunch of my zines away in a pub, completely failed to tell anyone about this site, and generally managed to be socially awkward and not make any new friends. Go me!

I wrote my incredibly nerdy column on indie comic sale in the direct market. (Almost done the next one!)

I failed to write anything for the new issue of Stumptown Underground (I will claim I didn't receive the theme until "too late", but the story I was writing wasn't really working either). I must complete something for this month.

Anything else? Oh yeah! I've been helping to plan some sort of Midlands zine meetup, that's supposed to happen in a few weeks, but as it is happening in another town I cannot pick a venue! Maybe I will just find one on the internet.

So not that productive really, I need to write more.


  1. Hey love, you've contributed a lot, so don't beat yourself up. Plus, remember you can always view the google group pages to see the submissions call coming up... <3

  2. Nooooo, but that is all I am good at : )

  3. aren't I your friend? :(
    Peach Melba x

  4. You are! I sent you some artist trading cards. Did you get them?


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