Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Queen Mum Adventures No. 1

By David O’Connell

There are some things about England I clearly just don’t understand. The queen mum is (or was I guess) one of them. Did she actually gamble a lot? Was she drunk all the time? Was she missing all those teeth? I know nothing about this woman (and don’t really care to learn about her).

It’s not that this zine isn’t funny (giant zombie corgie! Corgi? See? I can’t even spell the name of her dogs right), it’s all pretty absurdist. (I sincerely doubt the queen mother ever went to a leather bar).

It’s slight, but amusing. And there’s a character that looks like Tintin! I kind of miss my Tintin haircut. But what if my hat doesn’t fit any more if I cut all my hair off? Decisions...

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