Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paradox 1

By Tsemberlidis

One thing I’ve noticed in the UK minicomics scene is that there seem to be so many sci fi comics produced here. Yeah, there’s your usual pile of autobio and slice of life comics, but I feel that I’m getting far more comics featuring robots and people shooting lasers at things then I did at similar events in North America. (This is not a bad thing.)

Is it the smaller population forcing people to produce minis when in America they’d get a bunch of comics printed at normal comic size and hit all the cons? Is it the influence of 2000ad and similar comics? Am I just making things up?

Anyway, Paradox is a comic that looks like it would be more at home in Heavy Metal, or some European sci fi anthology than a mini comic. The silent story is your fairly typical “guys land on some planet and shoot aliens (with a twist ending!)”, but there’s something about the artwork that makes me really like this.

The actual panel to panel story telling is a bit lacking in some place, and there’s the (to me) quite bizarre idea to not bother with any panel margins: the bottom of one panel is the top of another. But the actual art in each panel is really good. The attention to detail, the linework, the monsters, I enjoyed it all. I didn't really dig the pulpy paper stock used, but I'll still check out some more comics from the guys who put this out.

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