Friday, March 12, 2010

Baitline June

What is this thing?! What’s going on? I just realized that the cover of this is smut featuring animals? What is that cephalopod doing? What has become of my blog?

This is a zine of classifieds. Mostly classifieds by queer/punk people. Mostly classifieds by queer/punk people looking for other people to have sex with.

Okay, that’s not totally true, there are lots of other classifieds and ads in here. They range for things varying from Indian restaurants, to accordion repair shops, to tape trades, to sport utility wheelchairs for dogs, to roadkill snakeskin gloves, to lots of stuff. It is kind of insane.

And holy shit, the back page advertises a minicomic drawn by Celso that I own! Awesome.

But a lot of it is queer people looking for other people to have sex with. It’s like a print version of craigslist. Was it caused by one too many bad experiences using online equivalents? I hope someone is collecting all of these, because it is a fascinating glimpse into various subcultures in San Francisco, and really interesting and educational I assure you.

But really, with entries like “Tired of Mr. Nice FTM? Ding dongly hung studly cowboy w/strong hands wants to strangle and beat you up till the cows cum home.” is it any wonder I ended up hanging out in a Lesbian bar with several people of uncertain gender while I was in San Francisco? (You should go there by the way.)

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