Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Feral Shrew #6

By Platform

Hey! It’s a neat little newsletter thing! I think it’s made by people related to some arts night (Platform) in Shrewsbury? I guess that’s where I picked this up. Anyway, it’s filled with random pieces of news, show reviews, interviews with artists, completely nonsensical comics, and event information. It is like every artsy piece of junk from my student newspaper combined into one publication with no news/serious people to tell them what to do. Awesome!

There’re several pages of doodles that I thought were kind of lame to be honest, but then I saw that they were acting as a preview for an entire art exhibition on doodles. There was even a call out for toilet stall graffiti. Those are amazing art shows! I want to go see them!

Though really, by far the most amazing part of this zine are the three pages of fashion photography. It’s just photos of students (I assume) and a few words in which they describe their style. This is fantastic. Back when I was in university we would go around taking people’s photos and getting them to answer the question of the week. Half the time the people doing this just went up to talk to people they thought were hot, so just doing a straight up fashion spread is genius. Maybe I should make my own zinester fashion zine (I’m not a creep! Honest!).

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