Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hey Monkey Riot #3

By Edd
PO Box 382, 456-458
The Strand

I was going to complain about nothing really happening in this comic, but immediately after I finished it I read two issues of Batman and the Outsiders and that is a terrible comic. Yet I keep reading it (almost done the Showcase Presents collection!). What does that say about my standards? About my ability to say anything coherent about comics at all? (Halo and Geoforce making out is creepy! She’s like 14! And has no memory! Katana keeps killing people and Batman doesn’t care! And and and back to Hey Monkey Riot.)

This is a fictionalized (everyone’s an animal!) version of Edd’s trip to a G8 protest in Germany. He meets up with friends. Wanders around. Gets lost. Goes to boring meetings. Nothing much happens. All of the actual protests are just skipped over, though I guess they were just standing around and not much happening? Perhaps it’s telling of their effectiveness and interestingness that he doesn’t cover the actual protests and blockages. He does get chased by the cops at one point, but he escapes in about two panels. I do really like the cover at least.

(And Metamorpho? Who cares! He is stupid. And now you’re travelling back in time to ancient Egypt and everyone speaks the same language as you? This is the second DC superheroes going back to ancient Egypt comic I have read in the last week. Being an archaeologist in the DC universe must be fucked up. “Oh shit, fucking Batman and Mr. Terrific are in this mosaic too. Where there any ancient rulers they didn’t kick in the face?” I would complain more, but that would involve rereading the comics.)

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