Sunday, February 28, 2010

List #13: moving on

List #13: moving on
By Ramsey Everydaypants

Seven things you learn about Ramsey by reading this zine

1. What she’s thinking about
2. Who she’s lived with
3. What television she watches
4. What vegetables she grows
5. How she goes through a breakup
6. What she does at work
7. What she looks for in a boy

Six things in this zine beginning with the letter ‘D’

1. Drawings
2. Differences
3. Dreams
4. Disclaimers
5. Dinosaurs
6. Dogs

Four reasons why List #13 is rad

1. It’s an insight into someone’s mind
2. There are revelations from the past
3. Guest lists!
4. It made me want to make my own lists (who have I lived with?)

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