Thursday, March 25, 2010


By Antoine Cossé

Aha! Now this one actually seems to be the first issue. I suppose I should have been able to tell by the number of Rs in the title

However, while this issue does give the “secret origin” of Supercloud (he “used to be on our side, used to rain as every cloud does,” but then he went bad), it’s still pretty insane. Is the guy who is running away from the cloud just completely paranoid? Or is the cloud really out to get him? Some of the characters don’t believe him, others point out that it _is_ a massive cloud, but well, it could just be a big cloud.

Is the main character actually being chased by the rain? Through his artwork Cossé makes it seem like maybe he is, but then again, maybe it’s just rain. I’ve run away from rain before, and that wasn’t because a malevolent cloud was out to get me. Or was it? I do seem to attract snow wherever I go (see: lots of snow in Vancouver when I lived there, but when I moved to England it got record amounts of snow, while Vancouver was left with none).

In any event there are some nice drawings of rain.

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