Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blackout IV

By Phillip Buchan, Jack Fallows, and Phil Marsden

You’d think that by this point I’d be better at reviewing comedic comic anthologies, but I’m really not.

The first story here, written by Phillip Buchan and drawn by Phil Marsden, is a pretty cute one that reminded me of Pizzeria Kamikaze a little. You’re dead? And in somewhere that might be hell? Well time to get a job digging graves for no apparent reason. Now let’s go get drunk! Anyway, it manages to be cute, funny, and rather grim all in the span of just three pages. I wish I had a hoodie with skeleton bones printed on it.

The next two stories are both “true life tales”, or whatever they’re called. The first one, by Jack Fallows, is a tale of teenage awkwardness, which is actually pretty good (“but I only went to the club to use the bouncy castle!”), and the second, again by the two Phil(lip)s, is just kind of surreal. What would I do if I was “kidnapped” by a group of hippie girls? Strange!

The other stories (all entirely done by Phil Marsden I believe) I didn’t really care for that much (sorry Phil!). The one about how long he’s been drawing comics is alright, but I guess I just don’t find comics about fat, naked, drunk people vomiting on each other that hilarious... Still, his art in the stories that Phillip Buchan drew works quite well.

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