Sunday, March 21, 2010

101 Ways Diana Could have Died

By James Parsons

This zine is kind of unreviewable. I think you’ll know whether you think it’s worth looking at based entirely on the cover.

When I got this zine a girl was talking to the guy who made it, she said that the thought it was offensive or improper to make a zine like this. I will admit that my thoughts were nowhere near that. “Maybe this will be funny,” I thought, closely followed by “Really though, Diana? She died forever ago. Move on England.”

As for the contents, well, they’re exactly what it says on the cover: 101 ways Diana (the princess) could have died. Each death is labelled and illustrated with, I will be honest, generally not so great art. Some of the deaths are amusing, some of them are gross, some of them seem to be in the wrong order. A few of the deaths have art that is somewhat reminiscent of Edward Gorey (see below), but most of them don’t.

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