Thursday, April 15, 2010

Futuristic Dwellings

By Philippa Rice

Robots. Spaceships. The future.

This zine is pretty much aimed directly at me. It’s just page after page of beautifully drawn futuristic cityscapes. They’re completely ridiculous and unrealistic, but the intricacy in the art is just incredible.

The details on some of the pages are kind of insane, and there’s lots of little hidden easter eggs in the pictures (the zine even comes with a “things to find” insert). However it’s not just the details that are impressive. After looking at the pictures close up I went through it again and looked at everything at arm’s length, allowing myself to take in the full picture all at once. I wish I had bigger versions of these images.

Here’s a video of Philippa drawing one of the pictures! Amazing!

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