Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Train Lines

By Ellen Lindner

I think public transportation is really amazing. A way to get somewhere (somewhat) far away when it is cold or wet out for a couple of dollars and I don’t have to own a car? Sign me up! Sure it’s sometimes a bit expensive and some cities have better systems than others, but in general it’s a great idea, and it’s often great in practice too.

In Train Lines Linder has collected a number of sketches and drawings she’s done of other passengers on trains. Okay, so not all of the drawings are on public transport (unless Lindner rides on the glitziest public transport I have ever seen), but they are all on trains which are really rad ways to get around anyway.

Inside the brown paper covers the artwork is printed full colour on accordion style paper that must have taken Lindner ages to fold. The illustrations catch people in positions in which they don’t really expect to be seen: sleeping, reading, or just thinking. It’s interesting to realize how when we are packed into a place with almost no personal space we can become intensely private and exist solely in our own worlds.

Perhaps next time I’m on a train I’ll pay more attention to those around me, at least to see if someone’s drawing me.

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