Friday, April 9, 2010

Pink Mince #2

"For the confirmed bachelor of exceptional taste."

If you’re not into photos of toy soldiers simulating sex with each other you might as well stop reading this review right now.

Not that I’m as into it as some people (the FAQ asks “Is it wrong that I’m so turned on by these pictures?”), but I do think these photos are really amusing.

One of the reasons I love zines is because I end up being exposed to things like this that I would never see otherwise. Gay porn made with action figures isn’t something I’d ever seek out on the internet (though I know it exists, even if only because this zine started as a website), but as something I can pick up at a zine fair I am totally there.

Technically none of the photos actually show any sex as the figures aren’t anatomically correct. Not that all the photos are of simulated gay sex, some of them are just the toys hanging out or posing. However, no matter what the toys are doing, they’re all carefully posed and lit, and a few of them could actually be mistaken for photographs of real people if you don’t look too closely.

One of the most amusing things about this zine is that all the photos were made with products you can buy. The creator actually says how surprised he was that he could find so many tiny handcuffs and leather trousers, as though someone was encouraging him to put the figures in these poses and take their photos.

My favourite photo is probably the one on the back cover. It’s a purposefully out of focus shot featuring one toy taking photos of two other figures. Meta!

Pink Mince is worth checking out even if you’re not a confirmed bachelor, into buff, semi-naked guys, or lack exception taste. But as even my mom wants copies to give to her friends, most people will probably find it worthwhile.

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