Thursday, April 1, 2010

Three months! New Zine!

Three months! Updating every day! And with the reviews I've written but which haven't gone live yet this is already my most updated blog ever. Well excluding my deadjournal I suppose, but I haven't even looked at that in years.

So what else did I accomplish this month? A brand new zine!

Check that out! Just in time for youtube to change their website style! Amazing! Plus you can't even see the border in the image above. Outstanding.

Here's the back:

Plus! There's my new blog Every Item of Clothing I Own, which is kind of ridiculous and boring, but I'm sure it'll be more successful than this one.

Okay, so what else did I do? I helped organize a meetup in Nottingham for the Midlands Zine Group, which was super fun. I got to meet some other people, trade zines, go to an art show about/inspired by the Soviet space program, and dress up. The day was pretty much everything I love doing except making out with girls. We're currently planning another one for Birmingham, if you're interested in coming let us know!

I wrote a submission for the robot issue of Stumptown Underground (I don't think it'll get in, as it wasn't that good, but at least I wrote something).

I went to the UK Web and Mini Comix Thing, which was lots and lots of fun. I saw some of my friends, met loads of new people, and got a big stack of comics. Hurray.

I wrote my indie sales column for The Beat (my new one should go up tomorrow, and maybe some other content I did too).

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  1. Keep it up. It's nice seeing a new zine review every day, even if I don't get a chance to read them all.


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