Monday, April 5, 2010

The Rag Issue 2

How do you actually review art zines? (You’d think I’d know by now.) In the same manner as you’d review art shows I suppose. But even then it basically comes down to “I liked it” unless you can talk to the artist about their intentions*.

If the artist even has intentions that is. I make art (I guess), but my intentions generally don’t go beyond “I thought it looked cool”. If the creator(s?) of The Rag have intentions beyond that I really don’t know.

So what’s actually in here? There’s some collages, found objects, a rather filthy word picture (smut!), some drawings. It’s all rather random really. I did generally like it though. The smut was rather good. I probably would have enjoyed this reception.

* Or something really awesome happens at the reception.

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