Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cat Week: The Ailurophile

A few years ago I was walking around Vancouver with some friends. We saw a bunch of people standing outside a shop that had a sign saying “Klack Klack Empire” (or something similar). We walked over to investigate and discovered a lolcat art show.

We were kind of blown away by this. Paintings of lolcats. Wow. How had nobody thought of this? How had this not made it onto the internet yet? The paintings themselves were pretty much just copies of lolcat pictures from the internet. They weren’t inventing new poses or hilarious catspeak quotes.

So what do cats have to do with this zine (which features a fancy sewn binding!) Well, it’s drawings of cats. Some of them are fairly realistic normal cats. Some of them are ridiculous (though awesome, check out the pirate cat!). Some of them are cute, but none of them are hilarious or anything like that. Still, cats are pretty rad. I mean, I did just devote a week to zines (vaguely) about them.

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