Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sins of Machines

By Cryptstine Maria
PO Box 893
Salem, MA
01970, USA

Steampunky stuff seems to be everywhere right now. In fact I was at a big steam punk event in London recently and had a pretty good time.

However, considering I was listening to a band that have a track called “OMG Techno Chicks” when I read this I was even less likely to really absorb the poetry that opens this zine. (Shush, no comments about my questionable taste in music.)

However, I did like one that I thought was the beginning of a piece of prose called “Chapter 3 Describes the Morsel of Flesh”. I enjoyed the word choice used in the piece, especially calling someone a “standard deviation” as an insult. That’s really great!

The zine is rounded out by an account of a fairly grisly Victorian murder that seems utterly ridiculous nowadays, though similar things are probably happening all the time. Humans!

The zine itself is held together with thread (something I can never be bothered to do), features a cover that was apparently coloured in with rose petals (!!!), and is filled with rose petals, and cut out rats and hearts that fell out of the envelope as I opened it. Confetti!

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