Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cat Week: Krazy Katlady Cookbook Volume 2

A Vegan Cookbook (of food for humans)
By Heather

The introduction to this cooking zine says that it’s made up of recipes created after forgetting to go to the grocery store. As someone who has cooked a lot of food using limited supplies, I can totally understand this. However, it’s also pretty clear that this person lives somewhere that you can actually buy ingredients.

Like last time, I struggled to find a recipe from this that I could cook using what was available to me in the shops near my house. Tofu? Only silken. Nutritional yeast? No chance. At least this time it explains what Tony’s sauce is.

Sure there were a couple of things I could have made (corn bread! I even made it earlier this week), but generally they seemed to be things I wouldn’t like that much, or which I already had an awesome recipe for (peanut sauce nom nom nom).

However, there is content here other than recipes I cannot make. There are pictures of cats. Lots of pictures of cats. In fact I have to wonder if the creator of this cookbook really just wanted to showcase her cats. There are 22 photos of cats in this zine, plus two pages of bios! Apparently the owner has eight cats! That is a lot.

I generally prefer cookbooks that are filled with stories, so that even if you aren’t that interested in the recipes it’s worth reading. I’d have loved it if this zine interspaced the recipes with funny cat stories. As much as I like cooking, I sometimes want a funny cat story more than a recipe.

Portion of the profits are donated to no-kill animal shelters and animal rights organizations.

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