Thursday, April 29, 2010

Urban Adventure League Cycle Touring Primer

By Shawn Granton and others
PO Box 14185
Portland, OR

Last summer I went on a pretty big bicycle trip from Vancouver in Canada down to Portland in Oregon for the zine symposium there (plus a side trip to Victoria). I made a zine about it.

If you read my zine you will discover that I was one of the least prepared cyclists ever and really shouldn’t have gone on such a trip. Like incredibly so. But I survived, had a good time, and met some awesome people. Part of the reason it went alright was thanks to Shawn emailing me some information on the best route I could take. I never actually met Shawn in Portland (or if I did neither of us realized), which I now regret.

Anyway, this is a zine packed full of all the information you need to go on a bicycle trip: what to bring, where to go, how to put a bicycle on a train (I wish I’d had more info on this), and how to go winter camping while on a bicycle (I hope I will never use this). Well worth checking out. I’m sure the Urban Adventure League is too! I wish I’d gotten to go on one of the midnight bike rides in Vancouver, or any of the bicycle events in Portland, but I always forgot about them until too late. Drat.

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