Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Angry Bird and Oliphant

By Big Ted’s Bad Menagerie

I really have to wonder why this comic was made. Well I say comic, but it’s in that group of things that don’t really fit anywhere. Is it illustrated prose? But the prose is just one sentence per picture. The pictures don’t tell a story by themselves either. It’s pretty much just image after image of characters standing there doing nothing.

It’s not very good.

It is incredibly scatological, but fountains of shit isn’t something I want to read about, even if the comic also features an elephant being fired out of a cannon.

(Also, it’s just badly put together, no staple, pages repeated. It’s just kind of terrible in general really.)


  1. Sadness. I admire your patience though, tbh, because I wouldn't have even given it a second glance. But now I want to draw an elephant shooting out of a cannon...

    A couple weeks ago, I put together my entire print run with the centerfold folded backwards. Then sat in a parking garage on the other side of the state and deconstructed them, refolded them properly, and stapled them on the hood of the car in 90 degree heat. That's my little zine!fail story.

  2. It's not very long, it took two minutes to actually read.
    I have piles of zines pages that I have copied wrong (ie. the other side is the wrong way around, etc.).
    I've realized I really need to put page numbers on more of my zines, it makes it either to put them together. And stapling isn't that hard! I've never owned a long arm stapler! I staple all my zines!
    (Sorry, rant over.)


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