Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Shed – An Unexplained Mystery

One of the problems with this site is that I’m left looking at things like this and wondering if I should even review it. I mean it’s only one (double sided) piece of paper. Is that a zine? But if it was cut and folded smaller it would, of course, be a zine. Double standards!

Perhaps an even greater unexplained mystery is where I got this comic and who made it. I have no idea to either question. I sort of wonder if it’s even finished, I mean, there’s that big blank space on the cover. Surely something must fit into that space? It really seems like it, as the second page begins with “Then one day I...”. I don’t think you’d start a comic with that, there has to be something happening beforehand for the “then” to make any sense.

So what’s the comic actually about? Well a shed. A mysterious one that appears on an allotment. It is mysterious, and the (true) story is built up around it in a fairly effective way, but this really seems like it belongs in a longer collection than by itself. Perhaps that was the original/eventual plan, but it’s not how it ended up in my hands.

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