Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cat Week: Unicorns + Werewolves/Tubetastic

By Lizz Lunney

Catweek! It continues despite the fact that this comic features absolutely no cats whatsoever. It’s even a flip zine (which I love) and so I have failed twicely in order to find a comic with a cat in it (I mean, I just went to a comic event and failed to get any, I am clearly incompetent). Why not stop cat week? Because I still have more non-comic zines featuring cats to talk about. It will never end.

Unicorns + Werewolves is the reason I picked this up, and it deals with what happens when a unicorn and a werewolf fall in love. Oh no! Opposites attract, rival families, babies of some new and unexplained species.

Though really, a cat is sort of a cross between a unicorn and a werewolf when you think about it (which is really all I have done this week). They’re both furry and like running around outside, unicorns care about their appearance, like indie music, and are adored by girls, while werewolves have claws, bite and pee on things, and are adored by girls. That pretty much spells out “cat” doesn’t it? I bet werewolves even sleep all the time. I guess the only major problems are that cats don’t transform into humans or have giant horns growing out of their foreheads. Theory ruined!

Um, anyway, on to how amazing tubes are. They have great fashion sense, they are very agreeable to other shapes (even if the shapes are a bit jealous of the tubes’ dancing abilities), and they sleep all the time. Hold on a second, I think that’s the missing element from earlier...

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