Monday, April 26, 2010


A Rumlad/Morgenmuffel collaboration
By Isy and Steve Larder

Morgenmuffel and Rumlad are both zines I like a lot, so the idea of them doing a collaborative zine of some sort was exciting! Also a little worrying, what if the aspects of both zines that I liked combined into something terrible? Like combining dinosaurs and bicycles (in this instance it would lead to a crushed bicycle and an injured and angry dinosaur, not something awesome).

However, I didn’t need to worry, as Rum-Muffel is a really good zine, albeit a bit different from its parents. Isy and Steve go on an adventure in the wilds somewhere “up north”, I think it’s Scotland as they also go to Edinburgh but I’m not sure. Anyway, they go up to some mountains and are woefully unprepared for snow and cold and I, as a hardy Canadian, can only laugh at their misfortune. Ha ha ha ha.

Steve and Isy took the neat method of alternating pages while telling the story of a trip. I’m not sure how they worked this out as each page seems to lead on pretty well from the previous one. Perhaps one person did one page, than passed it on to the other person to continue. That seems like a time consuming way to make a zine!

However they did it, it works really well, and it’s interesting to see how their styles influence one another as artists, and how they focus on different aspects of the trip. Also the size is awesome.

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