Thursday, September 23, 2010

Zine in a Day

By The Birmingham Zine Festival
Printed by Foot Print and Get a Grip

Why have I not reviewed this yet? It’s been almost two weeks since the Birmingham Zine Festival happened! I have clearly been too awesomed by zines/comics and overwhelmed by illness to realize that I had this incredible zine to check out.

Why is it so incredible? Well because this is a zine made entirely on the day of the festival! Anyone who showed up could submit something (by two in the afternoon I think), then it was printed by Foot Print, while the covers were screen printed by Get a Grip, and for sale by the end of the day. Fantastic! It’s just too bad I was too busy/tired/overwhelmed to sit down for a while and create something. (Plus my handwriting is terrible, and I feel incapable of creating anything that is not mostly text. Please see this blog for exhibit A.)

However, lots of other people who attended the festival did have time to create content for this zine. There’s art by loads of people, and text pieces by people with much nicer handwriting than mine. It’s a nice souvenir for the day if you where there, and it’s actually a pretty cool zine. Check it out if you can find a copy.

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