Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gender Fuck What issue 1

I enjoyed this zine about genderfucking and genderqueering. The author discusses sexuality, gender, conforming to society, sex, and language in a personal way, comparing their own views to what they imagine other people might think or do.

It made me think about what I consider myself to be, why I sometimes act the way I do in relation to things like gender and sexuality, what I find attractive in other people (created in part by a list of "girls and female types I like..." that includes "tall or short girls", which I thought was awesome), and how I conform myself to society. Why do I wear eye makeup when I do? Why do I wear dresses when I do? When do I keep thinking girls with short hair who turn out to be lesbians are cute?

And then there was a piece that I find quite depressing. It talks about how when, as a teenager, the author was walking home one evening when a middle-aged man walking the other way asked "Wanna fuck?". I wonder what this reveals about our society that there are people who would do that, and that it seems you have to live with that sort of thing if you are a female in today's world. How can I make it better?

Of course, I must admit that I wasn't totally aware of all the various definitions of terms used in this zine (what exactly was 'genderqueer'?), which led me to look some of them up on Wikipedia. I'll leave you with this quote from when the article on genderfuck was up for deletion. I think it is completely hilarious.

"This articlefuck is a neofuckologism. Wikipedia is a not a fuckslang dicfucktionary."

Sometimes the discussion pages are the best part of Wikipedia.

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