Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Intricate Dwellings

By Philippa Rice

This collection of Rice's drawings might as well be called "Impossible Dwellings" as she draws countless cities that could not exist in real life. There are a bunch of different drawings here, ranging from medieval to futuristic.

There are cities that exist suspended from something we can't see, made up of square and spherical unites connected by ropes, ladders, and string.

Cities that are built precariously on top of themselves, each level seeming to be bigger and heavier that the one below it, held up by sticks and pillars.

Cities created below the waves, with the pods and the connectiosn between them looking almost organic, and the entrances making me wonder what type of inhabitants live there.

And in the final piece, a city filled with people (unlike the rest of Rice's strangely empty cities) travelling by train, car, bubble ship, and strange helicopter pods.

I love the detail that Rice puts into each of these drawings. None of the cities really seem like anywhere I'd want to live, but I do want to visit all of them and explore their many buildings, rooms, tunnels, and towers.

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