Friday, September 10, 2010

Smoo #2 1/2

By Simon M.

This issue, according to the back cover, features "odds, sods and discarded ideas" and is filled with seemingly random pieces of art and short comics. It's kind of unfortunate, as I enjoyed the art, but the content seemed a bit light. Also: no skeleton doctors inside. Disastrous.

What we do have is an autobio comic about eating horrible food in a hotel room instead of going outside, some reminiscences from childhood and holidays, and a piece on guilt that has some amusing drawings of simon dressed in clothing from varous historical eras and an awesome picture of a judge that kind of reminded me of the Alice books for some reason.

There's also a reather strange piece where Simon's head is filled with either nothing or ghosts. Odd.

But still, I enjoyed this, the pieces with plots were enjoyable, and the art is really quite good. Simon draws a lot of lines in his artwork to give his pieces more details. Sometimes the lines are used in a way similar to grey-toning, creating shadow and depth, while at other times they add texture to the images. Also there's lots of drawings of cute ghosts, and a pretty rad robot. Congratulations all around.

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