Friday, September 24, 2010

Text Message Minicomic

By Dan Berry

People send ridiculous txt msgs, a visit to Texts From Last Night will teach you that. But people also send incredibly boring text messages: “What time will you arrive?” “Your dinner is getting cold.” “Can you get some milk please?” These are hardly pieces of dialogue that will get you excited about reading comics.

But what if cats are saying them? Instant hilarity! Or if it’s some ghosts threateningly asking someone what they want for dinner. Or a guy singing a song to a bear about how he should give him a ride to shops because his car is broken. Or monsters that eat hats! Then the comics become amazing.

Sure some of the comics Berry has drawn are just two people talking to each other, but even then Berry’s sort of weird looking people are fairly amusing, and the text messages degenerate into people talking about lazers and punching cats. Are these real text messages Berry has sent and received? If so those ones are far more interesting than mine (most recent: “I will be late tonight”).

It’s a super cute idea, so congrats to Warwick Johnson who apparently came up with it. I want to read his next!

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