Wednesday, September 15, 2010


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Since I've actually been getting quite a lot of hits the last couple of days I wish I had another awesome review. However, I'm sick and feel kind of awful. So it's back to webcammed images of the cover (my digital camera was stolen over the weekend, and I don't want to use the scanner right now), and a not very indepth review! Better stuff tomorrow!

This was a zine that someone at the London Zine Symposium either left on my table, or left on the table next to mine at the end of the day. Is it yours? You can have it back if it is! I have another one someone left too.

Anyway, it's big (like, standard letter, or whatever the a-format is), and is held together with those wierd little metal things you poke through holes and fold back. My discriptive abilities are terrible!

Inside are weird photos, some sort of weird stream of consciousness text piece (maybe? "...goodbye to the sweet cherry suicidal parachutes that fall from your eyes."), poetry, a strange one page play about time and clocks or something, and a bunch of pieces of art, none of which really impressed me much.

Actually, I kind of like the childish/child-created drawing of a cat that's in here. Miaow!

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