Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Rickiti-Guide to Vagrancy

By Rickitinic

Maps! Yay maps!
The centrepiece to this awesome zine about becoming a vagabond is a huge map. And by huge, I mean huuuuuge. It is two big pieces of paper taped together. It is the size of four normal sized pieces of paper! I can’t imagine how long it took to draw something like this. The ocean is filled with wavelike objects, and loads of mountain ranges and deserts are drawn in. It is so big and impressive I can almost forgive them for leaving off loads of islands that I’ve been to (and not just small islands, but big ones!).

The rest of the zine features “what to pack” (I’d personally bring more clothes and less skateboards), a pretty rad picture featuring ten reasons why trains are the best way to travel (maybe not as good as bicycles), a step by step guide to planning your vagrancy, a poem about being a vagrant, and more!

I really enjoyed this. Now to find more zines with maps. Suggest some to me!

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