Sunday, September 12, 2010

City Sacker #6

One of the things that exist in England that I haven't really experienced very much in other places are the incredibly cheap bookshops. Not second hand bookshops, because, other than charity shops and antiquitarian stores, I haven't really seen many of those. But shops where all of the stock are remaindered items, and you can buy loads of books for £2-£5 each. They're everywhere. I've bought graphic novels, good novels, and loads of other stuff from these places.

Okay, so they are also filled with crap, but so are most shops in general. This zine starts off with the exciting cheap bookshop find of a really good vegan cook book. Hurray! Ray even buys multiple copies of it because he figures he can just give them away to friends. Good on him.

Then we have a list of "vegetarians we don't need" most of whom I cannot identify as they are celebrities of some kind. I mean, I can identify that they are celebrities, just not what they do, nor could I identify them if I saw them walking down the street. I view this as a good thing.

We also have stories about someone who was totally, yelling in the streets about Satan, insane, listening to records, and how much Ray hates socks. Though I must admit that I like socks. They keep your feet warm.

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