Monday, September 6, 2010

Dino Punx

By Rio Safari

Everyone loves dinosaurs don't they? I certainly do. Some of them are basically just monsters that existed in real life, how could I not love that?

This zine combines dinosaurs with punks (as you could probably judge from the title) with a page of text talking about what dinosaur punks do opposite a drawing of the dinosaurs doing something related. So we have dinosaurs with face piercings and wrist bands singing in punk bands, dumpster diving, working shitty jobs, disliking fossil fuels (it's made of dinosaurs!), and becoming vegetarians (or heribovres) because "it's only practical".

I found this zine amusing, and I loved some of the drawings, like the one of a dinosaur putting up show posters using a staple gun. Go go D-I-Y-nosaurs!

Oh, and what are your favourite dinosaurs? I like the dimetrodon and the styracosaurus. RaaaAAAaaaaAAarrrrRrrrrrRRRRrrrrr.

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