Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cidade Solar #9 (of 52)

By Fernanda Meireles

I'm currently working on an epic, 1500 word review of the craziest zine I have ever read. I'm also writing this a few days in advance and desperately trying to get my zine finished in time for the Birmingham Zine Festival. So today you get another review of these zines I cannot read because they are in Portugese.

There's something about going to a carnival, an ugly person, and a bunch of other stuff I can't understand, and can't be bothered to put through babelfish to get disjoined, unintelligible translations. There's also a bunch of photos of people pulling weird faces. These are kind of amusing.

Since this was a project to create a zine every week for a year it seems it became sort of a public diary or journal. The creator wrote about what they did and what theyt hought about, and then published it for the world to see. This is clearly very different from my current plan of making zines, which is to plan them for months, then frantically try to get them all written and laid out in time.

Anyway, do you speak Brazillian Portugese? Do you want these?

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