Monday, September 13, 2010

Peach Melba #9

By Pearl
PO Box 74

So after the insanity of yesterday, here is a review of a more sane zine. You know I love Peach Melba. You should be reading this zine. I am giving it a positive review despite the fact that I can't even find my copy. Where did it go? It was right here earlier today before I fell asleep.

Oh there it is! It was crushed under one of my pillows somehow.

This is one of the shorter issues of Peach Melba, consisting of just one side of a piece of paper. Yet its intricate folding method will surely confuse and amaze you. I'm going to have to take a picture as I can't really explain how this works.

Okay, so you see on the top pages? They have the beginings of lists, and the lists continue down onto the lower page. The amazing thing is that you can turn the upper or lower page and the lists will still make sense. So "three word phrases that have for as the middle word" and "names of plays" are laid out so that the responses can match up. While "zines that I have met the author of" and "zines that I got at the zine fest" also coincide (though this second one was surely easier to accomplish). It uses the paper format in an interesting way, which I love. Also, it doesn't hurt that some of my zines are listed. Hurray!

The rest of the zine also features lists of really cool zine names (mine is not included), shapes you can make with tessellating tiles, a list of pseudonyms that people have used, and more.

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