Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ten Foot Rule Winter 2009

By Shawn Granton
PO Box 14185
Portland, Oregon

Was Snakepit the first comic to do the autobio three panels a day thing? Or did it just popularize it to such an extent that everybody (including me, no you can’t see them) has done their own three panels a day journal comic?

Shawn claims that he’s the laziest “daily journal style cartoonist” around, but he’s managed to put out multiple issues of TFR, and some of his comics have more than three panels, so he can’t be that lazy (even if he does miss some days).

Shawn lives in Portland and cycles a lot. In this issue he goes up to Vancouver for a new year’s 2008/9 that was incredibly similar to the one I had in the same city (ie. it is too cold and snowy, where are all my friends?), and then goes down to California to visit San Francisco and LA where he has uncomfortable random encounters with people he hadn’t seen for years.

I always find it kind of weird reading about people who have been to the same places I’ve been to (I was in that shop! I took that same train!), and this is no different. I’ve been to Portland and San Francisco, and I’ve done some of the same things Granton has done (the critical mass bicycle ride in SF). Still, I think it’s nice to read about that stuff, and I fully support anyone who likes bicycles as much as Granton does. Hurray bicycles!

(I wish the co-op in my town sold any type of tofu at all.)

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