Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dexter’s Half Dozen Ashcan 2010

Written by Jamie Lambert
Art by David Clifford

Soldiers fight monsters! Who are they? I have no idea! Why are they doing this? Because there are there!

To be honest military groups attacks supernatural beings is practically a genre by itself by now, especially in comics. Still, I like monsters, and I like people fighting monsters, so I’m always up for another comic about this.

Here we have six guys of various military experience, none of whom are given enough dialogue to create personalities, apart from “big dumb guy who likes to shoot people”, but that’s got to be one of the most generic characters possible.

The story seems to be set in the past at some point, as I’m pretty sure pilots don’t dress like that any more, and they go and attack a vampire. Hurray! Fighting! I really like the way the vampire is drawn, but the designs of the other characters don’t appeal to me as much. I think part of it is the heavy use of shadows and blacks for the characters, while the backgrounds more or less don’t exist. It kind of just throws the characters out there with nothing to compare them too.

While this by itself isn’t amazing or whatever, I am curious as to what the creators can do with these characters in a longer story, though, to be honest, I'm probably more likely to catch up on BPRD instead.

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