Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The merry month of may

Is over!

I again managed to update every day (just barely at the end), and did lots of other fun and exciting stuff!

I helped organize a zine meetup in Birmingham near the beginning of the month. We had ten people show up, and it looks like we're planning a bigger zine festival event for some time in September. How exciting!

And, just this past Saturday I tabled at the London Zine Symposium. I've never properly tabled before, so this was pretty nerve racking. Especially as I was supposed to have copies of Stumptown Underground, but I never got them. Oh no!

Anyway, the event went pretty well. Here is a photo of people looking at other people's zines.

And here is my table:

You can click to make bigger. There are also a couple of other photos on my facebook page.

I also was doing some artist trading card stuff at the symposium, lots of people traded with me. Hurray!

I also did a photography project, and went to a lindy hop event, and two different comic events. Woah.

And I finished three zines, but nobody cares about that ; p

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