Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Littlest Arsonist

The Littlest Arsonist
By Liam Geraghty & Philip Barrett

From the size of this I automatically assumed it was going to be some sort of Chick tract style parody. It’s not. Instead it’s a collection of three panel newspaper style comic strips about the titular littlest arsonist.

They’re “gag” comics where the joke is that a little kid sets stuff on fire all the time. The kid never talks, he just stares blankly at things, and sets other things on fire. How fun!

Most of the comics are pretty funny, and I really liked the one about him stopping the fire department from putting out fires, but some of them are kind of creepy and scary too. Don’t set fire to that! People will get hurt! What are you doing? No! Aaarrgh.

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