Sunday, June 20, 2010

City Sacker #5

By Ray K

Lists! Everybody loves lists! Bands, comics, events, and a vegan recipe! Hurray! Though I sort of wonder, if you are just recommending random comics do you really need to recommend Alan Moore? Surely anyone vaguely interested in comics knows that his stuff is good. I mean, sure you could recommend stuff he’s done that fewer people have read. ie. 1963 (yes, I know it had a massive print run, but it hasn’t been in print since it first came out, and a collection is apparently never going to happen).

But there are other things in this zine not about Alan Moore, there are tragic tales of lonely hearts, which kind of struck a chord with lonely old me. Ray draws a venn heartagram (which I totally love), then writes about trying to find a “pretty vegan indiepop girl with anarchist tendancies” who “must like comics or tolerate boys who do.” Le sigh. Me too Ray, me too. (Though other musical tastes are also okay.)

(I remember at the Portland Zine Symposium last summer there were some girls who had a sign on their table saying that their zines were good because they contained “No vegan recipes” and no...autobio comics maybe? I didn’t talk to them, which is maybe a bit selfish, but at the same time since all I had were zines with vegan recipes and autobio travel stories did I really want their zines?)

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