Friday, June 25, 2010

Candy or Medicine vol. 3

I meant to review this minicomic a while ago, then managed to lose it completely. I had no idea where it was at all. I looked all over my room, through all my other zines, under cushions, and I couldn’t find it.

But yesterday I was sitting by myself and staring at a wall and a bookshelf (that is not mine and is filled with psychology books), and feeling kind of embarrassed and sad, and I noticed a book on top of the other books that belonged to me. It was the Morgenmuffel collection. I hadn’t even realized I’d lost that. I took it off the shelf and discovered this minicomic inside. Hurray! Now all that work scanning the cover didn’t go to waste.

There’re a bunch of different comics in here, including one I successfully identified as being Greek, as otherwise the letters didn’t make any sense. But my favourite was one by Colin Tedford. In a lot of quite small panels (up to 15 on a page, which is a lot when you’re in a quarter-sized publication), Colin tells the epic journey of a guy going to taste some soup. He fights monsters and what seems to be a Chinese hopping vampire (I love those!), scales mountains, encounters dinosaurs, and al the other normal quest stuff, all for soup! I’m not that big a soup fan, but I’m guessing this was really good soup.

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  1. I'm actually not a big soup fan, either, but I guess the Eternal Soup is supposed to be about as good as it gets. Anyway, glad you liked it!


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