Sunday, June 6, 2010

Phonebox Phantasies

By Mark Oliver

I’m always fascinated by the phonesex cards that are put up in public phone booths in some places. I wonder who actually calls the numbers, and I’m always tempted to start collecting them. I wouldn’t actually call any of the numbers, and I’m not sure how other people would feel about my collection of porn cards, but I’m still curious.

I picked up this zine in the hopes it would manage to satisfy me with what I thought was a collection of photographs of telephone booths and the cards they contain. But I was pleasantly surprised to discover this zine is not just that, for Oliver (who I've previously reviewed) has created his own creepy cards and posted them in phone booths and documented them.

While what happens if you call some of the numbers isn’t revealed, in one case we are told that the numbers on the flyers posted in two adjacent phone booths correspond to the phone in the other booth. I wonder if anyone actually tried calling that number, and if anyone answered the phone on the other side.

Did anyone call those numbers? Where did the number go? Can I get some of the fake cards? I don’t know, but I hope Oliver lets us know at some point.

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