Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh for Olives #1

By Emma Jane Falconer

This is a tiny zine of collages that are, according to the inside cover, “not meant to be artistic”. There’s nothing new or incredibly originally about the collages done here, but it’s not like the ones I make are either. Still! I like these quite a lot.

Most pages use recontextualized (ooooh, big word), images with unrelated text over top to create ironic or surreal situations. We discover that to remove potatoes we must pour what seems to be the contents of a milk jug into someone’s ear, that dog yoga and pure Icelandic cod liver oil is what makes your tummy rumble, and that some people have awful beards. How horrid!

I think I need to get Emma to trade artist trading cards with me. I’d really like to have some things like this as originals.


  1. The "it's not meant to be artistic" was after someone asked me if it was meant to be some kind of deep "media contextualisation" project, and I replied that actually I was arsing about with a pritt stick, a magazine for hypochondriacs and an enid blyton book.

  2. captcha= noncy, way to insult my work blogspot!


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