Friday, June 4, 2010

City Sacker #3: Little things

By Ray K

I am aware that Ray says that the point of this is just to create something and actually make it and have copies to give away, but aaieeeeee. None of the folds match properly! It’s just a single sheet of paper printed on one side, then cut and folded. But you practically have to unfold the whole thing to read parts of it! The text goes around folds, aaaahhhh, I am dying here.

I’m sure actual designers feel like throwing up when they look at my zines, but seeing it in other zines drives me crazy.

The content is random drawings and illustrations with related text, and some band recommendations. One page talks about bourbons, and I have to admit my mind automatically went to the alcohol instead of the biscuit. Though I guess you would die of scurvy if all you consumed was either type.

Actually, Wikipedia currently states that the biscuits are packed full of vitamin C, but it sounds like made up nonsense.

“Shortly after the creation of the bourbon, WW1 broke out. The war limited the importation of fruits to European countries, especially the importation of oranges. Because of the chemical structure of the Bourbon, it was easily redesigned in order to carry large amounts of vitamin c, and was hence used as a substitute for the unattainable orange as a source of vitamin C. To this day one chocolate bourbon still contains more vitamin c than an entire orange[citation needed].”

Citation needed indeed.

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