Monday, June 28, 2010

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By Zachary:Abstract

I really like how this zine looks. I love the bizarre art, the multicoloured pages, the random photocopies thrown in, the text switching from black on white to white on black, the found objects, the fact that parts of it look like a photocopy of a photocopy. For whatever reason, it all combines into one awesome whole.

The content is completely unintelligible.

Okay, so the found photocopy of a bunch of different keys and what they’re used for is intelligible, but the text in here? I have no idea what’s going on. And I know that’s the point, the cover (and other pages?) is put on upside down, text comes from different directions. It’s all supposed to be confusing, but most of the text doesn’t actually make any sense.

There are parts that seem like dream transcriptions, things ebb and flow like dreams, and everything is told from a first person stream of consciousness style. But at other times I have no fucking clue what the author intended other than “weird for weird’s sake”.

“There were no howler monkey machine guns in my pocket, no lazy paper bags in my purse at all. I had no candle lit creamer packets or dinosaurs falling out of my anus, no velocity raptors formed into plastic underwear. Oh, no.”

I mean what?

It’s not all this unintelligible, but reading it reminded me more of incredibly bizarre spam messages I’ve gotten than anything I’m actually meant to understand. I actually wondered if parts of this were written by a computer program that just spits out random words. Or if you could actually tell the difference between something written in this style and something a computer program could produce.

Still, if you’re into nonsensical, stream of consciousness zines check it out.

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