Thursday, May 27, 2010

Walk So Differently

By Anwyn, Emma, and Louise
PO Box 4
Enmore NSW
2042, Australia

The big idea behind this zine is that it’s a “choose your own adventure”! Well, sort of. A bit. Not really at all.

Okay so it’s really just a collection of memories and glimpses of Sydney, Australia by the authors. Most of the pages do have options on the bottom along the lines of “To read more about leaks – page 7”, but the connections between the pages themselves is usually rather vague or, in some cases, nonexistent.

The content of the pages is typewritten on a number of different typewriters (you can tell by the fonts!), presumably one for each of the contributors. They seem to be working off of each other’s work, being reminded of previous events by what the previous person had written. It’s all very much set in Sydney and can be confusing if, like me, you’ve never been there.

Some of the stuff they write about is interesting, but I feel the zine could have been better executed. Plus I’m not really down with first draft typewriter zines (I mean, I’ve rewritten this sentence like three times). Aieee!

Still, the “choose your own adventure” format is awesome (even if I gave up after my first time through and just read all the pages I’d missed). I think I’m going to have to steal that and make my own zine.

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