Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Plot Thickens

By Gavin Burrows and James Parker

A rich old English adventurer/spy/jackass discovers that the world has moved on, most of the villains he used to face have moved into legitimate business, and he’s in danger of being sued if he tries to rescue someone.

As well crafted as something like this may be, I just hate the main character. Yes, he’s not supposed to be liked, but people like that do exist in real life and I hate them. He deserves everything coming to him because he’s a rich, stuck-up prick. As the waiter in here cries out “class war!”, I can’t help but agree. (Of course, I’ll probably be going up against the wall in the revolution too. Oh well...)

There’s a fun little bit at the beginning where he’s acting out his escape from some deadly peril using salt shakers and other tabletop items. Oh no! Not the egg cups!

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